Italian Courses

Language and culture Courses

Are you interested in some specific aspect of Italian language and culture? Great! Cortonaclic offers different types of Italian courses to meet your needs while having plenty of time to enjoy your holidays.

Language Courses

General Italian language courses for every day use

ITALIANOThe courses are designed for students who want to be able to interact in Italian in everyday situations and to gain insight into Italian life and culture on an elementary (A1, A2) and intermediate level (B1, B2) and in an informal context (i.e. asking for directions, buying food or shopping, participating in a conversation on everyday topics, talking about interests and preferences).

Italian Special Purpose Courses

LAVOROThe Italian Special Purpose Courses are ideal to work on specific aspects of Italian and are specifically designed for people who need to develop communicative competence linked to specific disciplines or profssions (i.e. Law, Medicine, Art) on an intermediate (B1, B2) and advanced level (C1, C2).

Minimum level requested: low Intermediate (B1).

Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language

esamiCortonaclic organizes specific courses for those who want to obtain CILS certification. CILS certification is an official qualification issued by University for Foreigners of Siena which certifies the level of linguistic and communicative competences in Italian as a foreign language. Those courses aim to provide thorough preparation with regard to the different skills required. The preparation, on one end, analyzes and tests the evidence of previous examinations, while also carrying out specific problems that the teacher may identify.

Italian on Skype

skypeNow it is very easy learn Italian, if you have not time to come to Italy to study! You can improve your Italian wherever you are and whenever you want on Skype, just like in an one-to-one class, with a personal Italian tutor. To use Skype, you just need to have the programme installed to your computer (which can be downloaded for free on Internet).

Italian courses for children and teenagers

bambiniThe courses are established for children and teenagers between 5 and 16 years old. These courses offer the basic learning of the Italian language by means of games adapted to the age of the participants. The lessons can be organized according to a timetable proposed by the parents.

Culture Courses

Discover Cortona

cortona PIAZZAYour educational visit begins with a lesson on “Caffè”, having breakfast in a Bar in the main square of Cortona with an Italian teacher specialized in History of Arts. It will be followed by an insightful walk through picturesque streets, admiring Etruscan ruins, Medieval and Renaissance Churches and Palaces. The tour includes a visit to the Museo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città di Cortona.

Minimum level requested: low Intermediate (B1)  

Duration: 4 hours

Hello, Wine

viniYou can learn about linguistic-cultural aspects of Italian wine with the help of an Italian teacher (such as wine production in Italy, reading the label of a bottle of Italian wine, terminology), while tasting the most famous Cortonese and Tuscan wine, guided by an expert sommelier.

Minimum level requested: low Intermediate (B1)  

Duration: 4 hours

Chef for a Day

cucinaYou can prepare a complete menu consisting of typical dishes of cortonese and tuscan cuisine with the help of a chef of a traditional restaurant in Cortona as well as the presence of your Italian teacher. After having prepared the dishes together, each student or pair of students will present/explain the dishes in Italian and serves them to the others.

Duration: 4 hours

Italian Aperitiv

aperitivoThe linguistic aperitiv is a weekly meeting in a cortonese wine-bar lasting one hour in the early evening. People chat in italian to improve their communication skills and enjoy some snacks and a good glass of italian wine or other italian drinks in a relaxed atmosphere outside the classroom. What could be more Italian than an “aperitivo”?

Cortona with a click!

obiettivoIf you love photography, you can improve your Italian shooting photos along the streets of Cortona.  The workshop provides a tour around the city (2 hours) to take photographs on a topic chosen by the students (such as people, shops, monuments). After the practical session, the students comment on their photos, exchanging ideas and opinions in italian (2 hours). The students could end up publishing and sharing texts about this experience on the cortonaclic’s Blog.

Minimum level requested: low Intermediate (B1)  

Duration: 4 hours (2 hours + 2 hours)

Italian with “Cortona On The Move”

festivalIf you enjoy learning Italian and visiting photographic exhibitions, you find what you are looking for in Cortona, which hosts the “Cortona On The Move” Photography Festival, a significant event recognized on international level (from 14 July to 2 October). The workshop provides a visit to the temporary exhibitions hosted in the fascinating location of Fortezza del Girifalco (2 hours). After the visit, the students describe the photographers’ exhibitions and discuss them with each other in Italian (2 hours). The students could end up publishing and sharing texts about this experience on the Cortonaclic’s Blog.

Minimum level requested: low Intermediate (B1)  

Duration: 4 hours (2 hours + 2 hours)

On request

It is possible to organize cultural courses on specific topics (i.e. Italian cinema, Italian art, Made in Italy, Italian music, culture of contemporary Italy). You can contact Cortonaclic with your requests, to discover the fascination of Italian culture.

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