cortonaclic segnalibroCortonaclic is the “Circle of Italian Language and Culture” started as an initiative of a group of professionals who had long been working in the area of teaching Italian as foreign language.

Our aim is to help you learn and improve Italian language in Cortona, in a friendly and Italian-speaking environment, that gives you the opportunity to learn Italian language and to understand Italian culture.

Why do people around the world want to learn Italian, the fourth most studied language in the world?

Italian is more than a language! Studying Italian language means diving headlong into a culture that in different times made so significant contribution to the to the world of humanities, art, architecture and music. In more recent times, Italian has also become language of culture in several spheres of excellence, such as industrial design, fashion, food and wine.

Are you ready to learn Italian in Cortona?

Cortonaclic is waiting for you!

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